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KStarCoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency on Ethereum ERC20. It was developed to enable decentralized exchange and all forms of smart contracts by utilizing Ethereum’s safety and technology. KStarCoin is able to activate P2P-type transactions between individuals even before registration, and is optimized to implement smart contracts that require high reliability and transparency, such as crowdfunding campaigns and payments.
Therefore, KStarCoin can be used for various Hallyu-related business transactions, such as “K-Pop performance crowdfunding,” “K-Star performance ticket sales,” and “K-Star goods sales,” through our own platform developed from blockchain technology, which will be the center of Hallyu-related currencies that are traded securely and actively between’s over 8 million followers and Global Hallyu fans.
Why Kstar Coinomy?
[Concerts / Events]
• Global fans do not have the opportunity to attend concerts and shows like domestic fans
• Tickets of scalping problems: Performers, fans, and the show’s organizers are all affected
• Lack of media to introduce products
• different payment methods for each country
[Communication with Kstar]
• It’s hard for global fans to communicate and meet Kstars
• global fans lack the means to send gifts or letters to favorite Kstars there like domestic fans
What is KStarCoin's Benefits?
Crowdfunding with KStarCoin
• Funding Participants: Participants will be eligible to share in concerts and events profit, which will be paid via KStarCoin. For VIP funding participants who support their favorite stars and reach a certain VIP funding threshold, KStarLive will be providing VIP tickets and also opportunities to chat with the stars directly.
• Ticket Buyer: Events/promotions will be held via KStarLive and tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate when bought with KStarCoin. Also special VIP tickets and limited edition goods will only be available for purchase with KStarCoin.
• Ecosystem: Decentralized ticketing issuance and tracking in partnership with entertainment companies and event agencies will enable the ability to block ticket scalpers, who typically purchase large number of tickets and re-sell them at 2 to 3 times the price on numerous different sites.
Commerce with KStarCoin
• Customers: Customers who purchase with KStarCoin can receive discounts and bonus items.
• Product Suppliers: Depending on the amount of KStarCoin the Suppliers has the greater the discount. Payments for advertising fees, etc. can also be paid with KStarCoin.
• Loyalty Points: Every purchase made with KStarCoin, we will be providing membership points which can be converted into KStarCoins.
• Ecosystem: We will be working to partner up with numerous remittance and payment partners and will also have an internal currency exchange system, which will allow many of our fans in South East Asian countries who have had a hard time with the lack of payment channels in their homeland.
Long Term Holders of KStarCoin
• For supporters and holders of KStarCoin, dependent on the number of coins you are holding at certain blocks, there will be Airdrop bonus KStarCoins on an annual basis. We are also currently in discussions with various blockchain content and product partners and will be Airdrop partners coins as well.
• For supporters who continue to hold coins across a range of blocks (to be determined in the future), we will continue to provide benefits and bonuses (both tokens and products).
Reward for KStarCoin Users in the Community
• KStarCoin will be rewarded to fans who are active at the community in the platform. By this, fandoms will be more active and will be rapidly growing.
• Hallyu stars will have various benefits once receiving KStarCoin from fans. Stars will be able to exchange things with fans in our platform.
Safe Deposit of Coin
• KStarCoin will be taking detailed procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of our users coins, which will include safe deposit of coins on hard wallets. Please contact if you would like further details on these protocols.
Lock-Up for Founders, Team, Advisors & Partners
• Founders, Team Members, Advisors & Partners will be restricted from making any KStarCoin transactions for 6 months, after listing on its first exchange. Our belief, support and commitment to maintain stable coin market value is our number one priority.
What is is a worldwide news and video curating service that provides K-Star, K-Pop and K-Drama news to Facebook users worldwide.
We select a number of Hallyu-related video contents produced by various media and fans around the world, and we provide the content of the selected videos in English.
Established on May 2016, we have reached 8million followers by October 2017, and is the number one global Korean entertainment news page on Facebook.
Visit the links below for more details on KStarlive Facebook :  hppt:// Website : hppt://
The main content of is composed of things that fans can sympathize with and are interested in, such as “idols performing in the rain at Korean university festivals,” “behind-the-scenes footage of popular dramas,” and breaking news stories like love scandals. The use of the name “K-Star” extends the K-Star brand, which is well-known for K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Beauty, to become the comprehensive K-Star, which easily captures the various cultures and products it stands for.
1_UP07Gva90jhkmPK1nfcp5Q.png is currently collaborating with major broadcasting and media companies in Korea to produce performance plans and video contents to convey the diverse culture and contents of K-entertainment to global fans.
KStarCoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency on Ethereum ERC20.
• Coin name: KSC
• Total KStarCoin : 100,000,000
• Soft Cap: 9,000,000 KStarCoin
• Hard Cap: 45,000,000 KStarCoin
• 1 KStarCoin = 0.5 USD (ETH Value) + Bonus
• The minimum participation amount for KStarCoin ICO is 0.1 ETH.
• ICO Starts June 25th
Coin Distribution
Use Of Funds
Author: BrainerdPaul
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=1680409


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